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Custom Fertiliser Balanced Agronomy Maximum Results


Southern Soils develops and manufactures its own leading range of nutrient-rich biologically enhanced fertiliser drawing on the best conventional and sustainable principles of farm management. During our Bio-enhancement process, our fertiliser is remediated with selected stimulants and NPK's, humic, fulvic, kelp, fish, molasses and trace elements, for up to six weeks, producing carbon rich, chelated fertiliser teaming with bacterial and fungal activity before the product even leaves our manufacturing plant.

Biologically enhanced fertiliser can be used as a stand alone product, or it can be combined in our purpose built plant with other market leading brands for more targeted performance.

Our broad selection of high quality liquid, granular and spreader-ready fertilisers is safe and easy to use, and can be custom blended in multiple grades and formulations to exact specifications so that it's right for your farm.